A downloadable game for Windows

For the GMTK game jam. An early prototype of the game where moving allows you to see a small area around you. A stealth game were moving gets you targeted and a platformer were you cannot make your character jump. Only controls:

A GAMEPAD is reccommended ( Sorry )

-Joystick -> pressure sensitive movement, creates light scaled to the movement speed of the character

- A -> Create a large bubble of light

However there are keyboard controls

-A and D replace the joystick, are not pressure sensitive and light remains scaled to movement speed of the character.

- Space Bar replaces the A button with same functionality

There are 5 levels, and a level with a bunch of trampolines

Level one will boot to a black screen, just begin moving and the light will be created, from there on enjoy.


- Enemies move to the center of your light, not you.

- Repeaters pulse at a set signal

- Your light is bound to how fast you move, and yes there is friction, good luck

Install instructions

Just download the .exe and run it and enjoy! good luck!


Blind Walk.exe 2 MB


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Will be uploading a new version of the game with a lot of level design fixes, changes, and maybe a few additions. Art overhaul coming soon

Only made it to level three so far but really enjoying the game overall. gg

Terrific game!!!

thank you shan1, I know it is a bit challenging!


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